Anime Weekend Atlanta 5
Marriott Gwinnett, October 8-11, 1999


The Star Blazers Voice Panel

SB Panel 1.jpg (66085 bytes)Dave, Amy, and Steve.jpg (47167 bytes)

Bruce "B-Chan" Lewis, Dave III, Amy, Steve Harrison, and Tim Eldred.  The last picture is a close-up of the Yamato Tub Toy in front of Steve.


   Kathy and Carol - "Costumes?  What costumes?"


Group Shots  

Group_Shot_1.jpg (103900 bytes)Coop_and_Andrea.jpg (64337 bytes)

Taking_a_bullet.jpg (92764 bytes)The newest Gamilon Recruit proves he's got the right stuff.   If the Captain fires that thing, we'll get to see just what he's made of too....




Group_Shot_2.jpg (107181 bytes)   EDF vs the Gamilons, in the worst knock-down, drag-out ping-pong match you ever did see...


Heroes_Hill.jpg (34019 bytes)Jim Cooper IS Captain Avatar, in the new action-adventure film, "Not Without My Cane..."....







Kathy.jpg (95296 bytes)  See you next year!!